The Temple Whitelist
An opportunity to celebrate the best people in business.
Out of everyone we've crossed paths with, these folks stand out as the best companions to build together. This is just a small way to thank them and make sure their greatness is not left in the shadows.
Alazne Arratibel
Jewellery Designer, Illustrator
Friend of Temple since our inception, Alazne is a true craftsperson. Talented in many mediums, she always takes the time to build things the right way.
Bob Guest
First a loyal client, then a good friend, later on a business partner. Bob has been in our corner every step of the way. He has a tendency to see the best in people.
Clint Skidmore
Clint has been an amazing client and a good friend. His approach to business is humane and always in good faith.
Faris Oweis
Business Consultant
Faris is the guy who knows a guy. He's also very humble for someone extremely well connected. He can get stuff done at shocking speeds, while still ensuring a fun working environment.
Tayga Baltacıoğlu
Entrepreneur, Investor
Tayga always gives you his full attention, trusts his team to make the right decisions, and he's an all around nice person. A combination that's hard to come by in a CEO.
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