"You can tell a lion from where he dwells." 
-Ancient Turkish Idiom (let's find smtn better with same energy)

No office
No commute
No waste

At Temple we focus on being part of the solution.

We do not own a physical office space, instead we work remotely. Therefore we do not contribute to issues such as rising housing prices, urban pollution and extra emissions caused by commuting.

This also allows us to collaborate with the best people in the world, no matter where they may be.

We do travel and work on site when necessary.

Mindful, Sustainable Design

We are mindful of the fact that every physical product created will one day end up in the trash.

We also reflect on the fact that every digital product needs an energy consuming server farm somehwere to keep it running.

So, what can we do about it? Well, we try to optimize our design output to use easy to recycle (or bio-degradeable when possible) materials, consume less ink and be efficient to ship.

For digital products, we do our best to make sure we're not consuming unnecessary processing power.

Work with people who care.
No designer at Temple has ever owned a car.
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Every iconic product was a shy, fragile idea at first.

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