The future of sports technology.

Supersapiens created a new market by introducing glucose monitoring to elite athletes. We helped to build this startup from its genesis. Named it, created a brand that could make continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) cool and designed their app that allows people to understand how their nutrition truly impacts their performance.

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The brand story

Phil came to Temple with the ask of creating a forward thinking brand vision.

As a pro cyclist with type 1 diabetes, he understood that the experience he had managing his blood sugar using glucose sensors could be a competitive advantage against other "healthy" riders who were blind to the inner workings of their metabolism.

The name

Supersapiens: one with superior knowledge. The next evolution in sport performance.

The logo

The breakaway "S": the one ahead of the rest. The top of the winding road to victory.

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Art Direction
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Merchandise Design
Product Design
Presentation Design
Scaleable Design Systems
UI / UX Design
Packaging Design
Every iconic product was a shy, fragile idea at first.

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